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“Learning is a lifelong process – let’s create ways to let people create solutions in the flow of their work and lives.”

Our mission is to provide organizations the tools and techniques that develop high performing people in the work flow using learning and performance solutions strategically with the goal of improving engagement and driving retention targeting people, processes, and platforms that impact the business culture. 

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A full-service process to create solutions that bring your team's talents and strengths out!





The process begins by listening to key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of their challenges, needs, and expectations for success.

This outlines the strategic landscape your organization works in including the culture, community, and the connections needed to move forward.

Together we develop the plan to engage people addressing their needs and meeting the business need from the functional to the organizational level.

The result is moving you forward to success aligning organizational processes, people, and purpose creating a competitive advantage.

compass graphic highlights the Discovery phase
ear graphic highlights the listening phase
thinking visual highlights the strategy phase
circular arrows graphic highlights the transformational phase


I bring the skills and techniques leaders, teams, and organizations can use to define and develop their talent pipeline while improving the performance of their current workforce using online tools to foster collaboration and help their people succeed in a world of constant change.  Let's talk about how I can support you and your team!


Take advantage of the skills and experience of a Chief Learning Officer (CLO) for a fraction of the costs, learn more about our Fractional Learning Strategist  option to focus on the strategic performance and daily training activities in support of your workforce.

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Begin with the end in mind – define what success is, what it looks like and how it is measured in your organization. Then we look deep into the organization and its future growth to strategically place learning into key workflow processes supporting and enhancing the individual’s performance. The result is a strategic roadmap to meet current needs while planning for future talent development requirements based on accountability and a defined people-based strategy.


Ideas and plans are important yet it’s the results matter. Here are some examples of real clients, real problems, and real solutions. We focus on the needs of the team and the leaders to define the real problem and then work together to create the solution that take the organization forward.


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