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Let your inner instructional designer create instructionally sound, competency-based assessments with this four-week, interactive online course.  In this blended course we integrate solid instructional design (ISD) strategies with competency-based education (CBE) design with authentic assessments, scaffolding, and individualized learning goals to ensure success.

Instructional Design for Competency-Based Learning will explore how ISD & CBE design strategies work together with an emphasis on exploring authentic assessments and we will work together on how to design and create your own so you’ll know exactly how your learners are doing. You’ll learn why CBE is so successful with a wide range of different fields as it focuses on providing people what they need to know
to perform successfully in their work roles.

Facilitated by Dr. William J. Ryan, this blended online course is for developers, instructors, and designers of content. Weekly live web conferences are combined with online videos, presentations, and self-checks to help you apply the course content to your own projects. The course builds your foundation in sound instructional design strategies, following up with
a thorough exploration of CBE learning techniques.


Small cohorts provide for individualized attention to your needs as well as ample opportunities to share experiences with other instructors and designers. As
a bonus each participant receives a free 30-minute, personalized 1:1 session with Dr. Ryan at a time of
your choosing to jumpstart your design process!


Week 1 grounds us together with an Overview of Instructional Design.

Week 2 brings CBE & ISD together focusing on impact people & performance.

Week 3 begins with scaffolding as a strategy in assessment modeling.


Week 4 we dive deep into authentic assessments and how you can use them.


Contact Dr. Ryan for pricing and schedule information at Discounts available for educational institutions and non-profits.



Design Thinking is an approach to solving problems by understanding user needs and developing insights to solve those needs. This 4 week blended online course will focus on defining your problem, listening, collaboration, and rapid experimentation. With weekly live web conferences we will maximize the strenths we all bring
and dive into this design strategy with active discussions, relevant readings, and team exercises.

You may bring a problem or work with another on theirs and you’ll learn how design thinking opens up innovative opportunities and ways to have a larger impact in your organization and your clients.


Week 1 will bein by examining the fundamentals of design thinking.

Week 2 will begin to outline structured design thinking and experiementation
and how to apply it to your need.

Week 3 will outline the various users groups and develop a framework for understanding.

Week 4 will finalize the plan to implement the innovative solution identifying key players and resources.


Presentations & workshopscome in different ways from small groups to large, in-person and webinar I host and provide, hour long to multi day/week – what will work best for you
and your team?  Topics include (but not limited to –
I’m always adding new topics):


  • Design Thinking

  • Measure what matters – Assessment Strategies

  • Career Pathing – build your talent pipeline
    of tomorrow, today!

  • Instructional Design

  • Human-Centered Design

  • Distance Learning – the tools & techniques
    ready for you today!

  • Competencies & Career Paths for Retention

  • Closing the Credential Gap: From Badge to Bachelors


CBE Project Process Model

Workflow Learning – model in collaboration with Vignettes Learning that identifies techniques to help workers think, fix, solve, and improve problems and learn while working

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